Summer Style Secrets

5 Summer Style Secrets     Mini-Vacay? When you’re a mom, a trip to the hair salon can feel like a mini-vacation. I seriously always look forward to getting my hair done! It’s just a little bit of time I get to relax, let myself be pampered, and feel a little prettier. It’s also a … [Read more…]

Should I Go Organic?

Questioning Me “Isn’t that a little extreme?” she looked at me skeptically. I wanted to roll my eyes. She (a family member) wasn’t the first to question my growing interest in buying organic products. It’s just a waste of money. It’s a fad, and isn’t really any better than the regular stuff! Yeah, I’ve heard … [Read more…]

Secrets I’ll Keep From My Daughter

  Secrets I’ll Keep From My Daughter There are some things I will never tell my daughter. She just turned seven months old and I find new things to love about her every single day. She’s got eyes as bright and blue as the western sky and a smile that lights up the room. Her dimples … [Read more…]