Summer Style Secrets

5 Summer Style Secrets     Mini-Vacay? When you’re a mom, a trip to the hair salon can feel like a mini-vacation. I seriously always look forward to getting my hair done! It’s just a little bit of time I get to relax, let myself be pampered, and feel a little prettier. It’s also a … [Read more…]

Should I Go Organic?

Questioning Me “Isn’t that a little extreme?” she looked at me skeptically. I wanted to roll my eyes. She (a family member) wasn’t the first to question my growing interest in buying organic products. It’s just a waste of money. It’s a fad, and isn’t really any better than the regular stuff! Yeah, I’ve heard … [Read more…]

Binxy Baby Hammock

The Binxy Baby Hammock: An Honest Product Review The Problem Mommies, I don’t know about you, but I’m the one who does the grocery shopping for our household. I’m particular about what goes into the cart and makes its way into our kitchen. When possible, I opt for sustainable, organic, non-GMO products. I’m also the … [Read more…]

Love Him Simply

Oh, the Stress They say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. But I have to disagree. My husband and I are in our second year of marriage, and it’s been much more challenging than our first! Much of the challenge comes from dealing with stress: a newborn, home-buying, new jobs, unexpected hospital bills… And while some … [Read more…]