Binxy Baby Hammock

The Binxy Baby Hammock: An Honest Product Review The Problem Mommies, I don’t know about you, but I’m the one who does the grocery shopping for our household. I’m particular about what goes into the cart and makes its way into our kitchen. When possible, I opt for sustainable, organic, non-GMO products. I’m also the … [Read more…]

What To Do If Your Baby is Deaf

  Failure? “Don’t worry, many babies don’t pass the hearing screening the first time. She’s probably fine.” That is what the nurse told me the morning after Rowan was born. Her left ear failed the hearing screening. What the nurse said really bothered me. Not because my baby might have hearing loss. (In fact, having … [Read more…]

Learning My Daughter’s Love Language

Hi everybody! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I spent much-needed time with my baby girl and husband. Rowan is starting to crawl and I can hardly believe it! Sadly, weekends always fly by. It’s always hard to go back to work on Monday morning…but hey, there’s plenty of daylight left today so let’s … [Read more…]

Confessions of a Mom with GAD

Stress and Anxiety aren’t the Same No offense, but I can’t stand it when you say, “I get how you feel.” Because really, you don’t. Yeah, you’ve experienced stress before. But that doesn’t mean you struggle with anxiety like I do. Stress and anxiety aren’t the same. For starters, with stress, you know what’s worrying … [Read more…]

Little Kims Baby Drool Bibs

Drooling Puddles My baby girl is teething like crazy. And she’s drooling puddles! But despite the advice from grandmas to “put a bib on her” I just haven’t been able to bring myself to cover up her cute outfits with drool bibs. I know, I’m a little crazy, but if the bib doesn’t look as … [Read more…]