5 things I wish I’d known before I started breastfeeding

By now, you’ve probably heard all of the amazing benefits of breastfeeding. Because, really, it is all that amazing! It’s perfectly balanced diet full of perfectly created nutrients for each stage of a baby’s development. Unquestionably, women SHOULD breastfeed! I knew for sure that I at least wanted to give it a try. But boy, did I wish I had known a few things before I started…

  • It hurts.

I cried for the first three days I breastfed Rowan. It hurt so badly!  My nipples became chapped and raw, and the sucking just BURNED. I dreaded feeding, and I wondered how on earth moms do this for months upon months. Thankfully, they don’t! That’s right, that burns-like-hell pain is temporary and soon enough, breastfeeding doesn’t hurt a smidge! (That is, until teething. But, another time for more on that!) Truthfully, looking back at those first few days, I think it was more of just shock at the pain rather than the pain itself. So that’s why I share this with you!

  • Your wardrobe is (still) limited.

Not as much as it was during pregnancy, but still, you really can’t wear anything you want. Last Sunday I pulled a cute dress off the hanger (it was finally warm enough!) but I put it right back because, how would I breastfeed during church with a dress on? Some dresses like these are super awesome for breast-feeding because the top pulls to the side easily. Invest, dress-lovers!

  • Engorgement.

Usually, going up three bra sizes is like a dream come true but not when your breasts are rock-solid and feel like they are about to explode. After a few days of breastfeeding, your milk comes in. And your body has not yet figured out exactly how much your little one needs, so it produces…WAY TOO MUCH. Ow. But, that only lasts for a day or two so don’t worry. I just wish I had known so I could have been spared an anxiety attack.

  • (In)Convenience.

One of the best things about breastfeeding is that it is so convenient! Whether you’re watching a movie, sipping iced coffee, or chatting with friends at the outlets, breastfeeding allows you to satisfy your baby without having to go to a kitchen to prepare a bottle of milk! It’s so fantastic. Just pull up your shirt (not all the way, mind you) and let your baby have at those perfectly formulated nutrients! Plus, it costs nothing. And that is always always a good thing.

But SOMEtimes, it is not so convenient. If you’re driving to Grandma’s for Christmas, and baby is suddenly hungry, you can’t just sit in the back with baby and feed her a bottle. You have to pull over, and that delays things, of course. The same is true if you’re somewhere you just don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding. This varies from person to person, of course, but I guarantee that at one time or another, you’ll wish you could just give her a bottle instead of pulling up your shirt (or having to leave the room completely).

  • Indescribable connection.

There is nothing like the connection between a mommy and baby during breastfeeding time. I can’t go into detail here, because it would be pointless to try to describe that bond. You must just discover that yourself!



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