5 Reasons why I chose natural birth

5 Reasons


“You didn’t get an epidural?!”

The look of astonishment on so many ladies’ faces surprised me, at least the first few times. To be quite honest, I hadn’t thought that it was such a strange thing, to go through labor without any pain medications. Sure, it was painful. I mean, it was excruciating. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Here are the reasons I chose natural birth:

  1. Empowerment. This may seem kind of silly, but, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. There are women who refuse pain meds (among them, my mother), so why couldn’t I? During the whole labor–although I was in extreme pain at times–I felt like I was overcoming something great, something that would make me a stronger woman. In the end, I did feel so empowered and deeply satisfied by my experience! Truly, there is nothing like it!
  2. Mobility during labor. During labor, I was able to move my body into positions that felt most comfortable for me. With an epidural, I would have been restricted, because I would not have had feeling in my lower body!
  3. Mobility after labor. Right after I gave birth (like, after I held my precious gift and kissed her and all that) I walked myself to the toilet and cleaned myself up. You CAN”T do that with an epidural. Check out facts on an epidural here.
  4. More involvement for my husband. This is not to say that women who choose the epidural route can’t get the support they need from their husbands! But because I was in so much pain, my husband was able to support me, encourage me, and guide me through my pain management. Because I was experiencing every ounce of pain during labor, I was able to lean on my husband (literally).
  5. Fewer undesired side effects. You can read about them here, but in short, epidurals may cause fever, headache, itchiness, painful urinating, to name a few. All things considering, I felt fine after my delivery.


2 weeks old


Whatever you decide is your business. You know your body and your needs best! These are just my own reasons for my own decision. I don’t think I’ll ever opt for an epidural, because I had such a positive experience without one. But, every pregnancy and every delivery is different, so I certainly can’t generalize! If you have any specific questions about natural birth or delivery in general, just send me a message and I’ll do my best to help you out. Also, check out my hospital bag essentials post. Super helpful, especially for first-time moms!




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