What to pack in your hospital go bag

When it’s time for baby to make his appearance, you likely won’t have time to look around the house for what you need! You’ll want to have a “hospital go-bag” all packed and ready to go.

But…what exactly should you pack??This is the big question! You do not want an entire suitcase, but on the other hand, you don’t want to forget anything you really need for your overnight stay!

Here’s a list of what I believe you must pack in your hospital go bag:

NOTE: There are a lot of other items you certainly could bring, but these were musts for me! (Plus I added a few more on the printable :))

        • Your phone and charger. Just don’t forget!
        • Extra clothing. Make sure they’re comfortable! I chose one of my favorite PINK long sleeve tees. It was comfortable, and also cute, which was a huge plus because I sure didn’t feel cute in the hours after giving birth!
        • A book/magazine. Some labors take a very long time! Of course, if reading isn’t your thing, ask your hubby to entertain you!
        • Make-up. Really, I am not much of a make-up person, but having my complexion rescue and mascara helped me to feel more myself! I had red dots all over my face after pushing so hard, and a little bit of beauty help was much appreciated, especially when visitors arrived.
        • Your own pillows. To maximize comfort.
        • A birthing shirt. For me, this was a must. I wanted to wear a comfy blue Hanes t-shirt for birthing–those hospital gowns are so scratchy and ugly! I really didn’t want to feel like I was going through surgery.
        • Favorite snacks. I’m not a fan of hospital food. Enough said.


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