Binxy Baby Hammock

The Binxy Baby Hammock: An Honest Product Review

The Problem
Mommies, I don’t know about you, but I’m the one who does the grocery shopping for our household. I’m particular about what goes into the cart and makes its way into our kitchen. When possible, I opt for sustainable, organic, non-GMO products. I’m also the first to know what we need because I do the baking and meal prep, most of the time. So, it only makes sense that I make the weekly Wegman’s run!
I’ve come to find that grocery shopping with a baby poses a problem: running out of room in my shopping cart! Since baby can’t sit up on her own quite yet, she has to stay in her car seat, which is placed, of course, right in the cart. The issue is that it doesn’t leave much room for my groceries! I admit that I’ve placed a box of granola bars on her lap on more than one occasion because the cart was too full. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s done that…)
The Solution
Fortunately, those days are over. Thank goodness for my new Binxy Baby Hammock!
binxy baby hammock
binxy baby hammock
Oh. My. Gosh. I love this thing. And so does my baby!
I can fit ALL the groceries in my cart. They just slide underneath baby, who’s happily (and securely) nestled in her Binxy Baby hammock. I’ve got plenty of room for my groceries, without sacrificing anything. Now, grocery shopping with baby is a breeze!
Oh, and the Binxy Baby Hammock rolls up and fits into my purse. Ahh!!! So amazing!!!
 binxy baby in my purse
Binxy Baby Highlights:
1. Fits most standard grocery store carts
2. Holds car seat (if desired) and supports up to 50 pounds in weight
3. Used for babies approx. 6-8 months until they sit up on their own
3. Safety tested
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I hope you’ll purchase one of these fantastic products for yourself. They come in a variety of cute prints, and make a super-fun and useful gift!
Send me photos of your baby in a Binxy Baby hammock!
Happy Shopping 🙂
Psst! You can find Binxy Baby online or on Instagram!
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