Eco-Friendly Bath Routine

It Starts Simple

When it comes to my family, I don’t mind being just a little extra cautious. Since becoming a mom, I (and my husband) have been much more careful about the products we use at home. After all, we have a tiny human to care for now!

The more we read and research, the more convinced we have become that health-conscious, eco-friendly living is the way to go. Really, it starts from the bottom up, with the simplest routines!


Bath-time is just one example. Oh, how my baby girl loves taking baths. She loves the running water, soapy bubbles, and of course her Finding Nemo bath toys.

Even I have grown to love baby’s bath-time! I love watching her smile and hearing her giggle as she splashes in the water. I love wrapping her in a fuzzy towel and snuggling her before bed. It’s the little things, isn’t it?

No Question

The little things really do matter. That’s why we use eco-friendly bath products. When we have the choice, we choose all-natural, eco-friendly materials over potentially harmful chemicals and dyes. Who wouldn’t? It’s not really a question, in my opinion.

One favorite in the Yost household is The Honest Company’s ultra-calming dreamy lavender bath-time set*. Baby loves the foaming bubbles; mommy loves that it is all made without harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Organic ingredients soothe baby’s skin and senses, preparing her for a restful night.

What to Look For

So how can you tell which products are truly eco-friendly, and which products just look like they are? Here are some tips to take on your next shopping trip:

  1. Read the labels carefully. A specific label is better than a general one. For example, a product that is “made with 100% all-natural materials” is a better choice than a product that is “made with natural materials.”
  2. Research on your own. Take time to get to know companies and what they stand for. Even just checking up on a company’s website can give you much more information than you’ll find on a product label.
  3. Look for certification labels. USDA Organic, Green Seal, and Energy Star are a few trustworthy labels to look for when shopping for eco-friendly products.

I appreciate products that can give me assurance of a safe environment for my family. What are your family’s favorite eco-friendly products? I’d love to hear!



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*Read more about this bath-time set at

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