Nursery Inspiration: Safari Neutrals

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The Dream

Long before I was married–or dating, for that matter–I knew I wanted to have kids. Three, five, maybe even eight? I was certain I was going to be a mom one day.

For some, having a baby is a fulfilled dream; for others, it’s quite the unexpected turn of events. But either way, becoming a mom is a gift. Don’t you agree?

The Fun

One of my favorite memories about being pregnant is planning how I’d decorate the nursery. I absolutely LOVE decorating and organizing, especially when it comes to living spaces! There’s something about transforming an empty room into a sacred haven, alive with attractive design, color, and personal touch.

Here, I share my tips for a modern and fresh nursery. Hopefully, it will inspire your own creative design!

The Nursery 

I decided on a safari theme. (I’ve always been fascinated by African animals and landscapes, since I was little!) This theme also made it easy for me to stick to a neutral color-scheme, which I had wanted so I wouldn’t have to re-decorate after a second or third baby.


The walls are painted “Greyish” from Sherwin-Williams. It’s a beautiful light grey color that radiates a clean, polished look. In contrast, the crib and dresser are a dark brown, made from American Poplar hardwoods.


Contrasting the light paint with the dark wood gives the room an elegant, yet modern feel.


Less is more! I chose to stick to a fresh, minimalist design so that the decorative elements compliment each other but do not over-crowd.

My wall hangings are, of course, safari themed! I’m in love with these framed illustrations above the changing table.


safari wall art

A cub, a calf, a foal…baby animals are perfect for any baby’s room. You can buy this set, or one similar, here or here!


Babies come with a lot of stuff, and it’s not just diapers. Toys, blankets, teethers, rattles…the list seems endless! Having an organizational strategy for your nursery is a must. But don’t worry, you can have fun with this part, too!

Choose bins, boxes, and/or shelves that compliment your decor.

Grey storage boxes are tasteful and functional. Perfect for all those stuffed animals received at baby showers!

storage bin



Include texture, tastefully! An easy way to do this is with an accent rug. Look for a pattern that adds a vibrancy to the room, but does not seem out of place. I love this diamond weave pattern (below). It coordinates with my color scheme, but contributes a bold texture that isn’t found elsewhere in the room.

accent rug texture


The Finding

Decorating (or re-decorating) a room can be a lot of work. It’s a lot of searching and comparing and debating. Will there be a theme? Color scheme? What matches best? Is it functional, or just trendy?

It takes time, but it’s supposed to be fun! If you’re not enjoying the process, then you’re taking it too seriously. Try to remember the reason why you’re decorating a nursery in the first place!

Congratulations on your new baby!



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