Easy Meal Prep for Baby (A Nuby™ Product Review)

nuby mash n' feed

Easy Meal Prep for Baby

(A Nuby™ Product Review)

When baby Rowan began eating solids, I found myself faced with the same question, time and again: “Do you make your own baby food?”

“Umm…no,” I’d answer, wishing, in fact, that I could say yes.

Preparing baby food sounded tedious; buying it in the store seemed the more practical option. Still, though, I was drawn to the idea of making my own baby food. I knew it would be a money-saver ($1 for a can of baby food mashed carrots, $1.50 for a bag of carrots that could make at least five of those). I knew I’d have greater control of what my baby was consuming, down to the last ingredient!

But would it really be worth the extra effort in the kitchen?

Yes! (And really, it’s not much extra effort at all.)

Garden Fresh Mash n’ Feed 

Thanks to Nuby™’s Garden Fresh Mash n’ Feed, I can prepare DAYS worth of nutrient-rich baby food, and save money while I’m at it.

The Mash n’ Feed features a non-slip base and a stay-fresh lid! It’s BPA free.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Place your steamed veggies/fruit into the bowl.
  2. Mash!
  3. Store food in air-tight containers, and refrigerate or freeze. (Or, feed baby as soon as the food has cooled.)

That’s it! Could it be any easier?

nuby mash n' feed


One thing I really appreciate about this product is that it allows baby to eat the “same” foods as the rest of the family does at mealtime. If we have a side of peas, I just use the Mash n’ Feed so that she can enjoy them, too!

Happy Mashing!



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nuby mash n' feed

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