Shopping Small; Supporting Sisters

Shopping Small; Supporting Sisters

I love shopping. For clothes, for shoes, for home decor…oh, I could go on.

It might be an obsession. But that’s a topic for another day. 😉

Recently, I’ve been much more conscious about where and from whom I shop. I’ve begun to really adore small businesses and I prefer to purchase from them when possible.

The reason is simple: community. Small businesses give back to the community, provide better customer service, and promote economic opportunities for more people. Pretty cool, right?

I also enjoy purchasing from friends who work as consultants (though they’re different from small business owners). I love seeing how they use marketing to encourage friendships, fellowship, and support within communities.

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I’m excited to tell you how three sisters–Roberta, Terri, and Lisa–work as a team of consultants, selling clothing for women and families across the United States.

The sisters were inspired to make women feel beautiful inside and out, and decided that selling LuLaRoe’s clothing would be a great way to do just that–while also generating some income to support their own families!

Roberta works for LLR full-time from her home in California, with the help of her partner, Jacelia. Lisa and Terri live on the East Coast, and balance LLR with their full-time jobs at Maryland School for the Deaf. These sisters host parties (including fundraisers) online via Facebook, Facebook LIVE (in ASL, with voice-interpreting), and at home. Check them out here!


Roberta, Terri, and Lisa inspire women to take hold of their financial dreams. They are an excellent example of teamwork and pride. They reach thousands of women, both Deaf and hearing, and share the joy of being strong, beautiful women with purpose!

I must say, it’s a pleasure to shop from these sisters, in addition to my small business favs. It’s fun–but importantly, it feels good to support friends and my community. And that’s why I share this with you today!

Do you shop small, or support friends who sell? I’m always excited to hear from you, friend!






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