Nuby™ Teething Trends™ Beaded Bracelet (Product Review)

Nuby Teething Trends Beaded Bracelet

Nuby™ Teething Trends™ Beaded Bracelet (Product Review)

All The Teeth

My girl has been rather fussy, and I can’t say I blame her.

She’s cutting four teeth at once. Poor baby!

Okay, I know all babies go through it, and I’m sure some babies have it even worse than she does. But gosh, I still feel bad! It’s got to be painful. Ow.


All The Teethers!

Babies stick everything in their mouths to begin with. Their fists, toys, our purse straps, dangling jewelry, the edge of a chair, and of course the random marker found under the couch.

Babies go through the teething process, and that’s important because not only does it provide relief from their aching gums, it also provides awareness of the mouth. Babies have to move their mouths and tongues to lay the foundation for eating habits and speech!

So, teethers. Which ones are best? I actually can’t answer that question, since all babies are different and prefer different types. I would recommend keeping a variety on hand. Some teethers are wooden, others silicone. Some can be refrigerated and others can’t be.

Definitely consider the Teething Trends Beaded Bracelet made by Nuby.

Why? First of all, it’s made of TWO different textured materials, not just one. There’s a better chance your baby will enjoy it. 😉

Second, it’s BPA free.

Third, and maybe best of all, it’s wearable! I can slip it on my wrist (or loop it onto my key-chain) before heading out the door. Totally fun and convenient for you and baby.

Nuby Teether

Just bring a baby wipe (or five) for when it is thrown to the floor. Repeatedly.



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Note: I received these products for a review, but all opinions are my own.  For my disclosure policy, click here.

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