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The Valentine’s Day Craze

According to, billions of dollars are spent for Valentine’s Day. Billions! 

Who knew roses and chocolate could be so costly?! 😳

I was never a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, but since becoming a mom and teacher, I find it fun to surprise my kids with little “gifts” to brighten their day! (It’s pretty funny to watch how excited teenagers get over candy, I’m not gonna lie. 😉 )

I think that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about expensive gifts; rather, it should just be about showing someone you care. It’s as simple as that!

Of course, you can do this any day of the year, but holidays and celebrations are just…FUN! At least, I sure think so. 😀


From Me, to You!

I made these Valentine’s Day printables to share with y’all. Place these cute cards into your husband’s/child’s lunchbox! Or tape one to a bathroom mirror. Or place it in the driver’s seat. Whatever–just have fun spreading the love! <3

Click HERE to download the PDF.

I also did a little round-up of some other fun Valentine’s Day printables. By the way, they’re all free!

What Does the Fox Say? Valentines

You’re exSTRAW special Valentines

Crayon Valentines (Awesome for little kids!)

Unicorn Valentines

Scripture Valentines

You’re Erase-istable! Valentines (A cute non-candy idea)

Pokemon Valentines

I Love You Deerly Valentines

Sports Valentines

I SPY Valentines

Have fun, this Valentine’s Day! I don’t care if you’re single (I was single most Valentine’s Days in my life) or not. Love is not reserved for romance. Love, and showing love, should apply to family, friends, neighbors, you name it.

So. Get printing, and see who you can make smile next month. 🙂





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